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Mobile Architecture: Drawing with Light (2009)

(Installation Documentation)

Mobile Architecture: Drawing with Light

Location: Nathan Phillip Square, Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

(July, 2009)

A rectangular mobile storage unit was modified and transformed into a light drawing mobile dwelling unit. The visitors are encouraged to step out of the cut-out structure, and onto the balcony.


Mobile Architecture: Drawing with Light is a mobile dwelling space, where by cutting into the structure, it creates a moving light drawing, using the sun as the drawing material, and the walls and the floor as the surfaces to draw upon. The drawing shifts in shape, intensity, and location depending on the time of the day, following the rotation of the earth with respect to the sun. The irregular pattern of the drawing is created by cutting away at a commonly used security envelop pattern. The visitors to this exhibit space become a part of the drawing when walking into or out of the space.


This interactive light-based architecture explores the ideas around the collective dwelling space for the imagination. My work reflects my personal history of nomadic dwellings and this project explores various possibilities in the mobility and portability of artworks as a part of one's daily spaces.

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